December 17, 2014

Business Casual

Balancing Eggs on the solstice!

I emailed my boss the other day to ask what the dress code was.  He emailed back and said people wear everything from business casual to ties.  Not exactly sure what business casual meant, I Googled it.  One of the first sites to come up was from GQ.  I figured they should know about this so I clicked on it.  The first thing that comes up is a picture of a guy that looks surprisingly like me.  Dark pants, blue long sleeve shirt, white undershirt, phone holster, the whole package.  I was thinking, “Man, I got this business casual stuff. I have almost those exact same clothes.”  Then I read the caption.  “What Not to Wear.”  Guess I need to do a little more research.

On a side note I had the first of what are sure to be many geek out moments.  In this same email my new boss said he was working on getting me office space.  I’m going to have an office at the Smithsonian! (insert nerdy giggles here).  

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