February 27, 2015

Things That Make Me Smile

This is mainly a photo blog.  If you are reading this through Facebook, be sure to click on the link to see the pictures.

Here are a few random things that make me smile.

Batman Artwork on the escalator from the Metro.
Seeing the flag each morning framed by the awning over the Metro.
Cousins that teach your kids things.
See the previous caption
Co-Workers who go along with goofy stuff.
This face.
Random space helmet selfies.
This smile and her first two teeth that I got to feel when I was home.
A my screen at work.  Live spacewalk on the right, Snoopy cartoon on the left, and I wasn't even goofing around.  This was WORK!
My son playing with rockets.
Then putting the bucket on his head as his "astronaut helmet."

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