July 6, 2015

DC or Bust - Day 1

Here is a mile by mile recap of the trip so far.

37 miles from KC: Bryce: “Daddy, I’ve got to go to the bathroom.”  Of course there were no places to stop.  We pulled up an on ramp, got out and I said, “Buddy we are going to pee in the grass.”  Bryce’s response, “Do I poop in the grass too?”  

87 miles: Stop #2 to go to the bathroom.  Another offramp, only this time the highway patrol pulled up to make sure we were okay.

174 miles: Stop #3 - at this point I’m wondering if we were even going to make it out of Missouri today.

241 miles: Stop #4, switching drivers and Bryce says, “Daddy you go too slow.  Mommy goes fast.  

255 miles: I became the most brilliant father ever.  Sadie was upset, so I told Sarah to put three pennies in an empty Gatorade jug and give it to her.  She loved it!

256 miles: I became the stupidest father ever, giving my kid a giant rattle in an enclosed vehicle.  What was I thinking.

311 miles: Sarah sound asleep

Mile 1 - most of the trip: Etch a sketch - Grandma got Bryce an Etch a sketch for the trip.  Brilliant.  He loved it.  He played with it, it was his table for his lunch, it was a drum (not so cool) and when he was trying to go to sleep we tried to put it in the toy box.  Nope, he wanted to sleep with it.  

328 miles: Stopped at the hotel where we had stayed on the way out to pick up the glasses I had left there - they actually found them.  Also, at this stop Bryce cheered on Comet as she went pee.

331 miles: Realized my wife can’t Etch a Sketch and it is pretty funny to watch her try.

372 miles: Best rest stop ever (Yes Mom, we survived a rest stop.  We were not abducted by any truckers.)

387 miles: Dog laid down for the first time.

388 miles: Dog is no longer laying down.

474 miles: Sarah got a milk shake, dropped some on her toes, and licked it off.  Yup, licked it off.  

508 miles: Realized I hate Minions, specifically happy meal toy minions that say La La La when you hit them.  

516 miles: Got to the hotel.  As we pulled in Bryce asked, “Are my girlfriends here.”  I asked who are they?  His response, “I don’t know, let’s go see.”  That’s my boy.

In for the night.  Dog gets a bath tomorrow while we hit the Children’s museum in Indianapolis.  Hope everyone is safe with the tornados back home.  Looks like one touched down just a couple miles from the house.  

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