April 10, 2015

Spring Break

Lots of pictures on this post, if reading on Facebook click on the link to see them.

This post is only a few weeks late.  I've had internet issues with my laptop.

A couple weeks ago Sarah and Bryce and Sadie made it out to Washington over Sarah's spring break. We had great weather, we only got snowed on once.  It was a hectic week at work because we had a show, but it was cool that they got to see the production.
Sadie got to see her first panda bear.

Bryce got to do his bird show at the National Zoo and was really excited about seeing Grandpa's Eagle.

Sadie was right on the edge of crawling.  We were hoping she would start while they were in Washington.  We tried to get her to crawl at my museum.  She didn't crawl.

During the set up for our show, I had a chance to go up on the catwalks and look out at the Udvar-Hazy Center.  It was scary as snot but I was glad I did it.

During our show most of the big wigs from the museum came over to watch, including our director General Daily.

Bryce got to watch the filming.

Bryce doesn't have a chance of not being a nerd.

Tried to get Sadie to crawl in front of the Space Shuttle.  She didn't crawl.

Yeah, she doesn't have a chance of not being a nerd either.

Bryce got into taking pictures on this trip also.

Flying with the Space Shuttle.

I got artsy at the Botanic Garden.

This look . . . I don't have a chance.

Tried to get her to crawl at the Botanic Garden.  She didn't crawl.

If you know about my history with kites, this will completely make sense.

Bryce flying his kite in the museum.

Pretzel shop a couple of blocks from my apartment.

Giant cupcake

Yup, nerd.

Pretty girl X2

Yup, no chance.

On their last day in town Sadie decided to start crawling, not in any cool or historic place but the bedroom floor of my apartment when there were no cameras rolling, but I got to see her crawl for the first time.

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