April 1, 2015

Happy April 1st

I think you can file this in the category of "my job doesn't suck."  

About a week ago the guys I work with and I were kicking around the idea of pranking our boss. We got Beth involved with our plan. That night she sent me a text about displaying Wonder Woman's invisible plane. Then things started snowballing. 

Yesterday morning we "raised" the plane and filmed it for a time lapse. Beth and I also filmed a short segment about the plane. One of our digital wizards edited the video, and another digital wizard created amazing signage to put on the floor. 

Today as museum visitors came in there was a TV monitor "under" the plane showing the video along with the sign. The Smithsonian also sent out a blog post and the video via social media. 

Then it went viral. 

I've never gone viral before. The closest I ever came was 100 likes when Sadie was born. Pretty soon the video was being shared, retweted, and blogged about. We even had a curator give a talk about the plane. 

A few of my favorites include:

Being retweeted by an astronaut. 

This tweet quoting me. 

Already being included on the Invisible Jet Wikipedia page. 

Being retweeted by Satin Tights. 

And this blog post where we were called adorkable. 

At the end of the day our web and new media department told me we had reached 3 million people!  

My favorite line of the day was from the adorkable blog that said "This is a level of nerd we all hope to achieve one day."

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  1. I'm impressed. Too bad Wonder Woman couldn't be a guest speaker.