May 9, 2015

Thank a Veteran

Today there was a big WWII event at the Udvar-Hazy Center.  There were supposed to be several vintage airplanes flying in as well as a bunch of veterans.  We went out to film some interviews with these heroes.  I was able to talk to several but the last two were amazing.

I'm not sure if they knew each other before today or not, but ran into each other as they were walking in.  They had served in the same company.  The interview became more of a conversation between long lost friends.  When I would ask a question they would both say the other should answer.  They had both served in the infantry in Europe.  One had been under heavy artillery fire, while the other said the V1 missiles were scary because you could hear them coming but the V2's were scarier because you couldn't hear them coming until they hit.  Both had gone to college on the GI bill, one becoming a lawyer and the other getting a Doctorate in science.  Talk about two amazing guys.  When the interview was done and they walked off, I turned around to watch them walk back to their families.  They walked away embracing each other, two long lost friends reunited.

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