March 11, 2015

Upcoming Show: Hot Air Balloons

Next week we have next show.  The topic is hot air balloons.  I’m not the main host on this show but I will be launching a hot air balloon with students (inside the Udvar-Hazy center), hosting a game show, and talking with a guy who is bringing in a gas balloon with a drone attached to it.  He will actually be flying the balloon and we will be using the cameras on the drone to show the museum.  The drone normally detaches from the balloon - kind of like an aircraft carrier - but we can’t detach in the museum.  

For all my teacher peeps, I have a favor to ask.  If this fits your curriculum (buoyancy, lighter than air travel, history of hot air balloons, you know the host, etc.) and you are planning on watching the show (10 and noon Central Time) can you let me know?  We are sending out a survey after the show to get some feedback before we start planning shows for next season.  If you are a teacher and don’t watch with a class but see the show, we would still like your feedback.  

Also, I don’t know if you will see them or not but Sarah, Bryce and Sadie will be in town and watching the filming.  Can’t wait for them to get here.  Three more days until they arrive!  Woo Hoo!

Yeah, I actually made this . . . and it flies!

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