March 13, 2015

Workin’ Hard

Friday’s are different at the Smithsonian.  A lot of people work a compressed work schedule.  Most people take Friday off.  My schedule allows me to have every other Friday off.  That means that when you do work on Friday there aren’t a lot of people around.  

Today I was able to get a lot of things crossed off my list.  Yes, I have a list that I am constantly adding to and crossing things off of.  Seems like a lot more adding to than crossing off.  Last week my list was longer than my tablet.  Today I got it down to about 10 different items.  

I also went with a couple coworkers to the Department of Education for lunch (still think they should limit lunch times there to 15 minutes), then went over to the Botanical Gardens to scout a future shoot.  We are hoping to film a segment there for our upcoming Earth Day show.  

Cocoa Beans
Botanical Gardens

I also took time to go out to our observatory to take a look at the sun.  Right now there are some HUGE sunspots.

Smithsonian 16" Telescope

I finished off the day by talking with the owner of an aerial imagery company who will be launching a balloon for our show next week that works as an aircraft carrier for drones.  

The best part of the day by far was knowing that tomorrow Sarah and the kids get here!

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