January 14, 2015

Days 2 and 3

Cockpit of the 747
Today was my second day at the Air and Space Museum.  What do most people do on their second day on the job?  I’m not sure, but I got to get into the pilots seat of the 747 cockpit that is on display in the museum.  

America By Air Exhibit
The next show (first I’m on) is on composite materials.  Yesterday we worked through the experiment I’m doing/filming with a class of 8th graders here in Washington.  Tomorrow we go scout the location, and shoot some of the set up for the activity on Friday.

Lesson Planning

I’m still not moved into my official office yet.  Still no furniture but I’m working in an office two doors down.  My office is on the opposite side of the building of the Mall, but I think if I leaned out far enough (No, mom, I’m not going to) that I could see the Washington Monument.  

View from my window

From left to right: Washington Monument, Hirshhorn Museum, Air and Space Museum
Each night I get a chance to video chat with Sarah and the kids.  Most nights it looks something like this.
Normal Chat
Then other nights, this is who I’m video conferencing with.
Chat that went to the dogs.
P.S.  If you are reading this through Facebook, you are missing the pictures.  To see all the pictures, click on the link to the blog.

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