January 28, 2015

That's a Wrap

I’ve officially got two shows under my belt now.  Today was really great.  The amount of time and effort and equipment that goes into a 30 minute show is staggering.  There were about 9 people doing different things jobs.  The crew was absolutely amazing.  


Part of the equipment.  This was last night before any cables were run.

I thought both shows went pretty well.  I’m still learning a lot about being on camera.  Today was my first time wearing an IFB.  That is the thing that goes in your ear where someone can talk to you.  It is truly a skill to be talking, listen to what someone is saying, and do what they are telling you to, without losing your train of thought.  I wasn't super successful with it today, but luckily Tim, the guy in my ear didn't say too much while I was talking.  The biggest problem I had today with it was that it kept coming out and was flopping around my ear.  (This is where you can insert the big ears joke . . . I’m looking at you Matt).  

I really appreciate everyone that watched today.  The next show will be on February 18th and it is on Space Junk.  That will be the first show I’m in charge of planning.  Right now I’m working on getting a satellite expert, a curator to talk about space suits, and a guy to talk about orbital debris.  It should be a fun show.  It is looking like some of it will be filmed at the museum on the mall and some will be shot at the Udvar-Hazy center.  The live show will be in the brand new gallery dedicated to space walking.  If you can’t tell, I’m kind of enjoying the job.  I miss the kids like crazy (Sarah too), but the job is living up to the billing.

Cute Kid #1
Cute Kid #2

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