January 11, 2015

Used Book Sale

For the past several years I have frequented Half Price Books in Westport and Independence.  I find a lot of books to read but I also have found a lot of autographed books. Yesterday I was exploring an area called Eastern Market.  This is one subway stop away from me.  The local library is here also.  I stopped into the library to see how to get a library card and they were having a used book sale.  In addition to four books to read, I found all of these that are autographed.  Newt Gingrich (Congressman), John Conyers (Congressman), Tom Whittaker (First Disabled Person to Climb Mt. Everest), Bill Bradley (Basketball Hall of Famer and US Congressman), George Frampton (Watergate Prosecutor), John Glenn (Astronaut & Congressman).

I was really excited to find the John Glenn.  It is actually a DVD that the cover is autographed.  The total damage for everything . . . $11.  Woo Hoo!  

Orientation is tomorrow, then on Tuesday I have to try to find my office.  The third floor of the Air and Space Museum is a labyrinth of offices, work spaces, book shelves, meeting rooms, models (airplane, not swimsuit), and random hallways.  But as long as I don’t miss a meeting, I don’t really mind wandering the halls.

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