January 7, 2015

Snow Day in DC

I realized yesterday that snow days are not nearly as much fun when you don’t have a job that gets cancelled for the day.  So I decided to brave the cold and snow to take some pictures and to visit the Natural History Museum.  I have a cousin, Austin, who when he heard I was moving to DC wasn't such a big fan, especially when I told him he should come and visit.  Then I told him about the Natural History Museum and all the mounted animals.  So I took a bunch of pictures.  They are on Flickr sets you can get to below.  I also have a set of pictures or the snow in DC.

At the Natural History Museum they had an exhibit of pictures from their wildlife photography competition. The pictures were stunning. This was my favorite. Not only was it stunning, but giraffes are tall! (Andy Griffith show reference)

Natural History Museum

Snow Day in DC

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