January 12, 2015

I Wasn't On the Train & Orientation

Fire Trucks and Police Outside L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station
Not sure if this will make national news or not, but there was some type of fire on the Metro today. Orientation was in a building literally right above the stop where it happened.  We had a window that looked out at the escalators coming out of the Metro.  About 3:30 we heard sirens (not unusual in DC).  Then more, and police cars started showing up, then a whole lot of people came out of the Metro.  They shut down that station and a large part of one of the lines.  Luckily I was able to walk a few blocks to the next Metro stop and get home pretty easily.  It will add some time to my walk tomorrow, but not too bad.

Today was orientation day.  Basically orientation for the Smithsonian is the same as anywhere else.  The big difference being the diversity of jobs in the room.  There were 43 of us going through orientation.  That 43 included an assistant director, a conservator, electrician, veterinarian, exhibit specialist, research biologist, interpretive exhibits manager, chair of the history of science and medicine exhibit, and me.  

I did realize today that my bosses now include the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and the Vice President.  They are both on the board of regents.  That made me think, does that put me somewhere in the line of succession?  I realize I’d be a looooong way down the list, but maybe I’m at least on the list.  It happened in King Ralph.  

Today was also Ride the Subway With No Pants Day.  I didn’t see anyone that fit this bill, but apparently it is a real thing.  

One thing I found amusing today was that it was raining - a little - and it was almost freezing.  Everything was on a two hour delay.  Myself and the guy from Buffalo, NY (they got 8 ft. of snow this year) got a kick out of the city shutting down for a little rain.

There were the standard benefits presentations, payroll, and safety presentations.   Looking at the safety presentations topic list I had Safe Schools flashbacks.  Then I got to number 32, 33, and 34 on the list.  I don’t remember seeing those in Safe Schools.  

Tomorrow I report to Air and Space.  If you listen closely at 7:30 Kansas City time, you might be able to hear me giggling.

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