January 20, 2015

State of the Union

Tonight is the State of the Union Address.  I’m about 2 miles from the United States Capitol.  Since I got home from work tonight there have been helicopters circling above and at work today I got an email telling me all the roads that were going to be closed tonight because of the State of the Union.  

Update: The State of the Union just started and you've got to love the astronaut right behind the First Lady.

Today I got a chance to run the robotic cameras for a webcast called “What’s New in Aerospace.”  The webcast was also shown live on NASA TV.  Next week the show I’m working on, STEM in 30 will be webcast live at 11:00 and 1:00 (Eastern) and the 1:00 show will go out live to NASA TV.  I will be on those shows teaching about the four forces of flight and teaching a lesson to a local middle school.  

Controls for the robotic cameras
Nerd at Work, Nerd at Home
Everyone that knows me knows that deep down I’m a nerd.  I was home over the weekend so what did I do?  I went outside looking for Comet Lovejoy.  I was not able to see it with the naked eye, or with binoculars, but I was able to take a few pictures of it.  It is the green blob in these pictures.  

Look to the center right for a very small green dot
The larger green dot is Comet Lovejoy
I also had some help looking for it.  Nerd runs in the family.

She loves me, and yes I'm wearing my son's Superman hat.

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